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Today’s Theme Song: Thrive

Artist: Casting Crowns album: “Thrive” (2014) “Thrive” Here in this worn and weary landWhere many a dream has died Like a tree planted by the waterWe never will run dry So living water flowing throughGod we thirst for more of YouFill our hearts and flood our… Continue Reading “Today’s Theme Song: Thrive”

Today’s Theme Song: Days of Elijah (behold He comes)

Artist: Donnie McClurkin album: “Psalms, Hymns And Spiritual Songs” (2004) “Days Of Elijah” These are the days of ElijahDeclaring the word of the Lord, yeahAnd these are the days of Your servant, MosesRighteousness being restored These are the days of great trialsOf famine and darkness and… Continue Reading “Today’s Theme Song: Days of Elijah (behold He comes)”

Today’s Theme Song: What A Beautiful Name

Artist: Hillsong live album: “Let There Be Light” (2016) “What A Beautiful Name” You were the Word at the beginningOne with God the Lord Most HighYour hidden glory in creationNow revealed in You our Christ What a beautiful Name it isWhat a beautiful Name it isThe… Continue Reading “Today’s Theme Song: What A Beautiful Name”

Music Mix: Third day – Soul on fire

I like mixes like this running on my computer as I get things done. #GIVETHANKS #Outreach: That the world may know #Prayer Focus: Pray for Our Prodigals #Praise the Lord Please follow my blogs  Guam Christian Blog Guam views Blog Podcast: Bruce’s Facebook… Continue Reading “Music Mix: Third day – Soul on fire”

Today’s Theme Song: Take me in

Kutless album: “Strong Tower” (2005) “Take Me In” Take me past the outer courtsInto the Holy PlacePast the brazen altarLord I want to see your facePass me by the crowds of peopleAnd the Priests who sing your praiseI hunger and thirst for your righteousnessBut it’s only… Continue Reading “Today’s Theme Song: Take me in”

Today’s Theme Song: Extreme Days

Artist: Toby Mac album: “Momentum” (2001) “Extreme Days” We’re livin’ in extreme daysComin’ at ya like a whirlwind A hundred miles an hour’s where we’ll begin I spy the eye of apprehension Show me risk and you’ll get my attention Come on, can ya take… Continue Reading “Today’s Theme Song: Extreme Days”

Music Mix: I’m Going Free (Jailbreak)

Artist: Vertical Church Band live album: “The Rock Won’t Move” (2013) “I’m Going Free (Jailbreak)” Go on and speak against my borrowed innocenceThe judge is my defense, I’m going freeRight when the gavel fell, I heard the freedom bellRing through the heart of hell, I’m going… Continue Reading “Music Mix: I’m Going Free (Jailbreak)”

Today’s Theme Song: Proud to be an American

Artist: Lee Greenwood “Proud To Be An American” If tomorrow all the things were gone I’d worked for all my life And I had to start again with just my children and my wife I’d thank my lucky stars to be living here today… Continue Reading “Today’s Theme Song: Proud to be an American”

Today’s Theme Song: Greater

“Greater” Mercy Me – Greater, from the album: Welcome to the New Bring your tired and bring your shame Bring your guilt and bring your pain Don’t you know that’s not your name You will always be much more to me And everyday I… Continue Reading “Today’s Theme Song: Greater”

Extra Song: Blessed Be Your Name

Artist: Newsboys album: “Devotion” (2004) “Blessed Be Your Name” Blessed be Your nameIn the land that is plentifulWhere your streams of abundance flowBlessed be Your name And blessed be Your nameWhen I’m found in the desert placeThough I walk through the wildernessBlessed be Your name [Pre-Chorus:]Every… Continue Reading “Extra Song: Blessed Be Your Name”