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World network of Prayer Celebrating 25 Years

             CELEBRATING 25 YEARS! Join us as we celebrate 25 years of prayer ministry at the 2020 International Summons! The event theme is “Decade of Destiny,” with the sub-theme “Suddenly!” Speakers are David and Connie Bernard, Aaron Batchelor, Cortt Chavis, Flo Shaw, Randall & Danielle… Continue Reading “World network of Prayer Celebrating 25 Years”

Found in Messenger

L. O. C. K. D. O. W. a time to: L – isten to God’s Voice and reflect.Let go and let God. O – bey His Word and His Teachings. C – all on Jesus name and be calm. K – now what… Continue Reading “Found in Messenger”

Today’s Theme Song: This is Your House

As we gather in this place today
Holy Spirit come and have Your way, have Your way
As we lay aside our own desires
Sweep across our hearts with holy fire, have Your way