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#Welcome all nations

June 15, 2019 Guam Christian Blog visitor rankings 1st USA 61, 2nd India 14, 3rd Nigeria 8, 4th United Kingdom 5, 5th Germany 4 views #USA #India #Nigeria #United Kingdom #Germany #Outreach: That the world may know that you are God. #Praise the Lord… Continue Reading “#Welcome all nations”

#Welcome all nations

Okay, not such a busy day yesterday. Here’s what I have for statistics: USA 74 views tops the list again, Nigeria 9, India 6, Azerbaijan and Germany tied at 4 views are the top 5 countries yesterday. #USA #Nigeria #India #Azerbaijan #Germany #Praise the… Continue Reading “#Welcome all nations”

#Welcome all nations

I fell asleep before I posted this last night. Totals for 12 June 2019 are as follows: USA 80, United Kingdom 10, Nigeria 8, Germany 4, Azerbaijan, Philippines, and Australia all with 2 views rounding out the top 5 spots for the day. #USA… Continue Reading “#Welcome all nations”

#Welcome all nations

Well it’s been another busy day here at the #Guam Christian Blog.  I want to thank all of you who viewed us today, and those who took the time to read, comment and reblog (I didn’t know how popular I was getting until I… Continue Reading “#Welcome all nations”

Welcome all nations

#Welcome all of you to another day on Guam Christian Blog. The USA once again tops the list with 52 hits, Canada with 12, India with 7, United Arab Emirates with 6, Japan and United Kingdom with 3 each round out the top 5.… Continue Reading “Welcome all nations”

Good morning from #Guam

How was your week? What about weekend plans? #welcome to another day here. A little road time for me in a bit, but let’s get started by giving God glory. Good Morning Psalm 143:8 (ESV) Let me hear in the morning of your steadfast… Continue Reading “Good morning from #Guam”

Christianity Today

Believers Portal Apologetics Over 200 Ex-Gay And Ex-Lesbians Rally To Show Freedom They’ve Found In Jesus By Bp-News-1  – June 3, 2019 1 Our identity is not in our sexuality; it is in Jesus Christ Freedom March, Washington D.C., May 25, 2019. Ex-homosexual and… Continue Reading “Christianity Today”

Who is watching the blog today?

I’ve got USA topping the list again with India and the United Kingdom rounding out the top 3. #USA #India #United Kingdom #PrayerFocus: Ask God to put you to work right where you are. #Praise the Lord Please follow my blogs  Guam Christian Blog… Continue Reading “Who is watching the blog today?”

Who is watching this Blog?

Thanks for visiting my blog today. Top views today are #USA #INDIA #ROMANIA Put your flag on my wall for most views of the day. #Praise the Lord Please follow my blogs  Guam Christian Blog Guam views Blog Bruce’s Facebook Bruce’s Amazon Author… Continue Reading “Who is watching this Blog?”