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Arsee’s short stories 129 Faith — Thinking Chitalia

Mikolaj was only seventeen, the youngest member of a Jewish family that lived in the village of Radocza, a few hours drive from Krakow in Poland. Mikolaj had no idea what his family discussed over dinner. They spoke of Nazis and a man named… Continue Reading “Arsee’s short stories 129 Faith — Thinking Chitalia”

Hillsdale’s College Lectures Review: The Second World Wars by Victor Davis Hanson — The Domain for Truth

A history course review…because Pastors also need a break from heavy theological reading! 5 out of 5 Free: Hillsdale Online Course Purchase: DVD Box Set Readers of this blog will know I love history. I finished recently a lecture series from Hillsdale College by famous… Continue Reading “Hillsdale’s College Lectures Review: The Second World Wars by Victor Davis Hanson — The Domain for Truth”

New Orders for the 11th Airborne — Pacific Paratrooper

Lt. Gen. Joseph May Swing 21 January 1945 – Gen. Swing announced to his 11th Airborne Division that he was ordering up a review as they were transferring to the 8th Army and the reviewing officer would be none other than Gen. Robert Eichelberger. … Continue Reading “New Orders for the 11th Airborne — Pacific Paratrooper”

Veterans Day 2020 Remembrance and Gratitude – Pacific Paratrooper

Originally posted on Pacific Paratrooper:
My post for this Veterans Day is dedicated to Sgt. Walter Morgan Bryant Jr., USMC; R.I.P my dear friend! … there is an old Marine poem… it says: ‘When I get to heaven, To St. Peter I will tell,…

Navy to name new carrier after Pearl Harbor hero – The Currin Family

USS Doris Miller: Navy to name new $13bn aircraft carrier after Pearl Harbor hero who manned machine gun to fight off Japanese aircraft and was the first African American to receive the Navy Cross for valor by Currin Family The US Navy is to name… Continue Reading “Navy to name new carrier after Pearl Harbor hero – The Currin Family”

The only

#Guam is the only US possession ever surrendered to a foreign power. Thoughts? Impressions? Any other ‘The Only’ things you can think about? #Outreach: That the world may know #Prayer Focus: Pray for Our Prodigals #Praise the Lord Please follow my blogs  Guam Christian… Continue Reading “The only”

What did you do for Veterans Day?

My friend from High school and a Facebook friend for life says a group of Roman Catholic youth from his High School put flags on Veteran’s Graves. I have posted several posts between here and Facebook on the subject. When my son suggested brunch… Continue Reading “What did you do for Veterans Day?”

Second Battle for #Guam

Guam was captured by the Japanese as part of the Pacific Dominance campaign, attacking the island on the same day as Pearl Harbor, December 7, 1941. The United States took 3 years to battle back to liberate the only US possession ever captured in… Continue Reading “Second Battle for #Guam”

Home Front – Dot the Welder- Pacific Paratrooper

Home Front – Dot the Welder MAR 18 Posted by GP Cox The legend of “Rosie the Riveter” has inspired romantic ideas about American women doing their patriotic duty during World War II. But for Dorothy Kelley, the motives were more personal. Recently divorced, she was… Continue Reading “Home Front – Dot the Welder- Pacific Paratrooper”