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Daily Service – Why Modesty

I downloaded a book on my Kindle called Meant to be Modest. The title and the Amazon tag are below.  I started reading and found this quote in the first chapter: “I would like to share an excerpt from a book I picked up… Continue Reading “Daily Service – Why Modesty”

Daily Service: God is God, and I am not

Daily Service: God is God, and I am not Updated for Volume 9 Whatever you are dealing with, whatever has you bothered, here are some Bedrock Memory verses Psalm 46:10 (NKJV) Be still and know that I am God; I will be exalted among… Continue Reading “Daily Service: God is God, and I am not”

Daily Service: Stand Firm

Daily Service: Stand Firm There are commands in Scripture that are repeated many times. The call to ‘stand firm’ is one of those commands. It appears all throughout the Bible. Here are a few powerful verses (New Testament) in Scripture about standing firm: Ephesians… Continue Reading “Daily Service: Stand Firm”

Extra Song: Like a match

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Daily Service – WE ARE THE CHURCH

I just read a Facebook post quoting a Supreme Court decision against churches in Nevada suing for the right to congregate.  This is my response: I think we need to stop stressing over mega churches. Look how many churches now stream live and affect… Continue Reading “Daily Service – WE ARE THE CHURCH”

Daily Service – Before you say you are not qualified

Copied from Jim Daly’s Blog at Focus on the Family Before You Say You are Not Qualified… I recently came across this and wanted to share it with you: NOAH got drunk. ABRAHAM was too old. ISAAC was a daydreamer. JACOB lied. LEAH was… Continue Reading “Daily Service – Before you say you are not qualified”

Daily Service: God uses broken people (not perfect)

Daily Service: God uses broken people (not perfect) There is an old expression out there that says God helps those who help themselves. That is not true, and it is also not in the Bible. What the Bible teaches us is that God helps those… Continue Reading “Daily Service: God uses broken people (not perfect)”

Daily Service: Different, not Strange

Updated for Volume 9 I hope you get the general idea here:  the KJV interpretation of the word resulted in peculiar but the intent describe in the NKJV and the AMP Bible at least for the 1 Peter reference indicate two translations for the… Continue Reading “Daily Service: Different, not Strange”

Daily Service: Follow the Leader

Updated for Volume 9 This started with a great message from our Pastor one Wednesday night. He wanted us to be sure that we understood that Paul was not saying follow me and only me.  He was saying follow my example and others that… Continue Reading “Daily Service: Follow the Leader”

Daily Service: They are locking churches, so what?

Revised for Volume 9 Who or what is the body of Christ?  Not the building, not the organization, not the state, YOU! Why is it such a big deal to you when the media and the state tell you that you cannot gather, that… Continue Reading “Daily Service: They are locking churches, so what?”