About Us First the Humans

Bruce Dinsman: Husband/Father/Author

Sharon Dinsman: Wife

Joseph Dinsman: Son, sketcher, artist, Lego Maniac

David Dinsman; Son, gamer, media expert

Guam Youth Congress induction

Loren Dinsman: Daughter, co-writer, College Student and currently a Guam Youth Congress Representative from Guam Community College.

American Sign Language Interpreter Certificate 2019

Dogs listed by age: All of our dogs are mixed breed mutts, some street rescued, some Gain adopted, some fostered for long periods of time

Midnight is around 13, Thunder passed away a few months ago. Midnight and Thunder are litter mates, nothing like each other at all. Separated as puppies they no longer act like siblings either. Terrier mixes

Chocolate: came to us because the owner thought her son was allergic. Chocolate has a mottled brown coat that I would almost call brindle. He is about 8 years old

Rocky – tallest and dumbest of the bunch, Rocky was an abandoned pup my daughter found at the Barrigada basketball court 9 years ago. He keeps the front yard safe.

Tippy is a Gain foster that we adopted about in 2019, so he is about 4 years old now, also a terrier mix.

Sweetheart is a terrier mix, just over six months old, we got an offer on Facebook that we couldn’t refuse. She was indicated as the runt of the litter but is doing just fine with us. She wasn’t doing well for a while. The vet says she has an auto immune disease but I can’t name it. She’ll probably be on Prednisone most of her life but she is now doing much better.

Zoie was adopted from GAIN just before Christmas after my wife had to put her 13 year old Chihuahua to sleep because of cancer.

Mello is a terrier mix adopted from a family that couldn’t keep her safe.

Munchkin is a mostly chihuahua bought at a pet store as a Christmas present for my wife last year.

Momma I want to drive
Three in bed with Mom. Munchkin is the little one in the middle.


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