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Extra Song: The Breakup Song

Artist: Francesca Battistelli album: “Own It” (2018) “The Breakup Song” Sick and tired of being sick and tiredHad as much of you as I can takeI’m so done, so over being afraid I’ve gone through the motionsI’ve been back and forthI know that you’re thinking you’ve… Continue Reading “Extra Song: The Breakup Song”

Today’s Theme Song: Giants Fall

Francesca Battistelli album: “If We’re Honest” (2014) “Giants Fall” Everyone’s telling youTo let go of what you’re holding toIt’s too late, too farYou’re too small, it’s too hardThrowing water on that sparkLiving deep inside your heartWith oceans of reasonsThe things you’re not seeingBut oh, maybe they… Continue Reading “Today’s Theme Song: Giants Fall”

Today’s Theme Song: Write your story

I heard this on my way home from taking my daughter to a class at GCC.  This is the daughter that helps write my stories and punch up posts on my blog.  Anyway I was thinking of myself and other Christian bloggers.  I want… Continue Reading “Today’s Theme Song: Write your story”