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Music Mix: Third day and Brandon Heath – Creed

I like mixes like this running on my computer as I get things done. #Outreach: That the world may know #Prayer Focus: Pray for Our Prodigals #Praise the Lord Please follow my blogs  Guam Christian Blog Guam views Blog Bruce’s Facebook https://www.facebook.com/bruce.dinsman Featured book:… Continue Reading “Music Mix: Third day and Brandon Heath – Creed”

Today’s Theme Song: I still Believe

I still Believe – Danny Gokey LYRICSI’ve been looking for a lightAt the end of this tunnelI’ve been searching for a signTo lead me home Too many endless nightsOf sorrowBut on the other side of thisI know that my heart will live I never… Continue Reading “Today’s Theme Song: I still Believe”

Daily Service: I Believe Part 3

Daily Service: I believe Part 3 Holiness After we are saved from sin, we are commanded, “Go, and sin no more” (John 8:11). We are commanded to live soberly, righteously, and godly in this present world (Titus 2:12) and warned that without holiness no… Continue Reading “Daily Service: I Believe Part 3”

Salvation is not in any other name

The purpose of the Daily Service series I am doing right now is to find out what you believe and why. I am a Christian by faith, Pentecostal by practice, and I accept the Judeo-Christian viewpoint that God is God and there is no… Continue Reading “Salvation is not in any other name”

Daily Service: I believe Part 2

Daily Service: I believe Part 2  Water Baptism Water baptism is an essential part of New Testament salvation and not merely a symbolic ritual. It is part of entering into the kingdom of God (God’s church, the bride of Christ), and therefore, it is… Continue Reading “Daily Service: I believe Part 2”

Today’s Theme Song: I Believe

I Believe by Lenny Leblanc Like a ship on troubled watersMany sail aloneMothers weep for sons and daughtersAnd pray they will come homeFor soon it will be harvest timeAnd all the storms will passO what joy I’ll findWhen I see You at last You… Continue Reading “Today’s Theme Song: I Believe”

Daily Service: I believe Part 1

I Believe Part 1  The Bible The Bible is the inspired Word of God, giving a true history of the creation of heaven, earth, and humanity and containing a correct prophecy of the ages to come regarding heaven, earth, and the destiny of humanity.… Continue Reading “Daily Service: I believe Part 1”

Today’s Theme Song: Creed

This ties into my new series of posts “I Believe” Rich Mullens “Creed” I believe in God the Father Almighty Maker of Heaven and Maker of Earth And in Jesus Christ His only begotten Son our Lord He was conceived by the Holy Spirit… Continue Reading “Today’s Theme Song: Creed”