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Today’s Theme Song: Give me that old time religion

Artist: Buck Owens album: “Your Mother’s Prayer” (1970) “Old Time Religion” Give me that old time religionGive me that old time religionGive me that old time religionIt’s good enough for me. It makes me love everybodyMakes me love everybodyMakes me love everybodyIt’s good enough for me….

Extra Song: Why Me Lord?

Artist: Johnny Cash album: “American Recordings” (1994) “Why Me Lord” Why me Lord, what have I ever doneTo deserve even oneOf the blessings I’ve knownWhy me Lord, what did I ever doThat was worth love from youAnd the kindness you’ve shown Lord help me Jesus, I’ve…

Today’s Theme Song: Why me Lord

Artist: Johnny Cash album: “American Recordings” (1994) Written by Kris Kristofferson and performed by many country/Christian artists, this was recently performed by Vince Gill at the Grand Ole Opry when they told him not to sing any religious songs. “Why Me Lord” Why me…