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Loving the brethren 3

E. Loving each other is repetitious. It’s continual and it’s hard. 1. Some people are making efforts: a. One person shared how they had been in a small group context on a number of occasions, and there was a person who was always offensive….

Loving the brethren 2

B. There are dangers in true righteousness: 1. We can develop relationship with someone, trust them, confide in them, and there is the risk of them betraying your commitment. 2. It’s messy. We can’t have an attitude that says, “We’re an Urgent Care Center,…

Loving the Brethren

Loving the Brethren February 6, 2000 Source INTRODUCTION: If it was required of us to draw a picture of love, before we could really identify love, I wonder what love would look like? Would we put a face on it and give it a…