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Book Review: Until Leaves fall in Paris by Sarah Sundin

Until Leaves Fall in Paris by Sarah SundinAmazonMy rating: 5 of 5 stars More Please?I won’t give you the whole thing but World War 2, occupied Paris. Two Americans try not to get arrested while their relationship develops. He is a widower with a… Continue Reading “Book Review: Until Leaves fall in Paris by Sarah Sundin”

Good Morning 🌞 from #Guam

Look up! Your salvation draws nigh

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Good Morning from #Guam

Weekend! 3 days even! Welcome to Veteran’s Day weekend. I’m trying to do something special because I too am a veteran. Good Morning Isaiah 50:4 (KJV) The Lord GOD hath given me the tongue of the learned, that I should know how to speak… Continue Reading “Good Morning from #Guam”

Good Morning from #Guam

A bit of a late start today. I woke up at 6 AM to no power (wonky weather passing by again). Anyway, it’s around 7 AM so if you need to be somewhere you better shake a tail feather. Good Morning Isaiah 50:4 (KJV)… Continue Reading “Good Morning from #Guam”