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Today’s Theme Song: Worthy is the Lamb

Artist: Hillsong album: “You Are My World” (2001) “Worthy Is The Lamb”(THANK YOU FOR THE CROSS LORD) Thank you for the cross LordThank you for the price You paidBearing all my sin and shameIn love You cameAnd gave amazing grace Thank you for this love LordThank… Continue Reading “Today’s Theme Song: Worthy is the Lamb”

Today’s Theme Song: Goodness of God

  Artist: Bethel Music live album: “Victory” (2019) “Goodness Of God” (performed by Jenn Johnson) I love You, LordOh Your mercy never fails meAll my days, I’ve been held in Your handsFrom the moment that I wake upUntil I lay my headOh, I will sing of… Continue Reading “Today’s Theme Song: Goodness of God”

Today’s Theme Song: Glorious

Artist: B J Putnam Album More and More GLORIOUS GloriousShout it out andGloriousMake it louderJesus we shout Your nameJesus we make Your praiseGloriousYou are glorious My God You reignForever and everHow great Your nameYour love remainsForever and ever You stay the same Shout it… Continue Reading “Today’s Theme Song: Glorious”

Today’s Theme Song: 10,000 reasons

Artist: Jesus Culture album: “Unstoppable Love” (2014) “10,000 Reasons”(feat. Kim Walker-Smith) Bless the Lord, Oh my soulOh my soul, worship his holy nameSing like never before, Oh my soulI’ll worship your holy name The sun comes up, it’s a new day dawningIt’s time to sing your… Continue Reading “Today’s Theme Song: 10,000 reasons”

Today’s Theme Song: Softly and Tenderly

Artist: Alan Jackson album: “Precious Memories” (2006) “Softly And Tenderly” Softly and tenderly Jesus is calling,Calling for you and for me.See, on the portals, He’s waiting and watching;Watching for you and for me. [Chorus:]Come home, come home,Ye who are weary come home;Earnestly, tenderly, Jesus is calling;Calling,… Continue Reading “Today’s Theme Song: Softly and Tenderly”

Today’s Theme Song: Praise You in this Storm

Artist: casting Crowns album: “Lifesong” (2005) album: “Glorious Day: Hymns Of Faith” (2015) “Praise You In This Storm” I was sure by nowGod, you would have reached downAnd wiped our tears awayStepped in and saved the dayBut once again, I say “Amen,” and it’s still raining As the… Continue Reading “Today’s Theme Song: Praise You in this Storm”

Today’s Theme song: Open the Eyes of my Heart

Artist: Michael W Smith live album: “Worship” (2001) “Open The Eyes Of My Heart” Open the eyes of my heart, LordOpen the eyes of my heartI want to see YouI want to see You Open the eyes of my heart, LordOpen the eyes of my heartI… Continue Reading “Today’s Theme song: Open the Eyes of my Heart”

Today’s Theme Song: Leaning on the everlasting arms

Leaning on the Everlasting Arms Lyrics What a fellowship, what a joy divine,  Leaning on the Everlasting Arms!What a blessedness, what a peace is mine,  Leaning on the Everlasting Arms!     Leaning, leaning,    Safe and secure from all alarms;      Leaning, leaning,      Leaning on the Everlasting Arms. O how sweet to… Continue Reading “Today’s Theme Song: Leaning on the everlasting arms”

Today’s Theme Song: Blessed be the Name of the Lord

Artist: Newsboys album: “Devotion” (2004) “Blessed Be Your Name” Blessed be Your nameIn the land that is plentifulWhere your streams of abundance flowBlessed be Your name And blessed be Your nameWhen I’m found in the desert placeThough I walk through the wildernessBlessed be Your name [Pre-Chorus:]Every… Continue Reading “Today’s Theme Song: Blessed be the Name of the Lord”

Today’s Theme Song: Who Am I

Artist: Casting Crowns album: “Casting Crowns” (2003) “Who Am I” Who am I, that the Lord of all the earthWould care to know my name,Would care to feel my hurt?Who am I, that the Bright and Morning StarWould choose to light the wayFor my ever wandering… Continue Reading “Today’s Theme Song: Who Am I”