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Today’s Theme Song: My Savior My God

Artist: Aaron Shust album: “Anything Worth Saying” (2005) “My Savior My God” I am not skilled to understandWhat God has willed what God Has plannedI only know at his right handStands one who is my Savior I take him at his word and deedChrist died to… Continue Reading “Today’s Theme Song: My Savior My God”

Today’s Theme Song: I give myself away

William McDowell album: “As We Worship: Live” (2009) “I Give Myself Away” “I Give Myself Away” [Chorus x2:]I give myself awayI give myself awaySo You can use meI give myself awayI give myself awaySo You can use me [Verse 1:]Here I amHere I standLord, my life… Continue Reading “Today’s Theme Song: I give myself away”

Today’s Theme Song: God So Loved

Artist: Jaci Velasquez album: “Jaci Velasquez” (1998) “God So Loved” [Chorus:]God so loved the worldThat he gave his one and only sonThat who so ever believes in himWill not perish but have everlasting life I try so hard to find the words to sayTo let you… Continue Reading “Today’s Theme Song: God So Loved”

Today’s Theme song: fill my cup

I have overcome this world

Today’s Theme Song: In Christ Alone

Artist: Natalie Grant album: “Relentless” (2008) “In Christ Alone” In Christ alone my hope is foundHe is my light, my strength, my songThis Cornerstone, this solid GroundFirm through the fiercest drought and stormWhat heights of love, what depths of peaceWhen fears are stilled, when strivings ceaseMy… Continue Reading “Today’s Theme Song: In Christ Alone”

Today’s Theme Song: Breathe

“Breathe” Michael W. Smith live album Worship 2001 “Breathe” This is the air I breatheThis is the air I breatheYour holy presence living in me This is my daily breadThis is my daily breadYour very word spoken to me And I I’m desperate for… Continue Reading “Today’s Theme Song: Breathe”

Today’s Theme Song: Come Now is the time to Worship

Artist: Phillips Craig and Dean album: “Let My Words Be Few” (2001) “Come, Now Is The Time To Worship” Come, now is the time to worship.Come, now is the time to give your heart.Come, just as you are, to worship.Come, just as you are, before your… Continue Reading “Today’s Theme Song: Come Now is the time to Worship”

Today’s Theme Song: Come Find me

Artist: David Crowder album: “Give Us Rest” (2012) “Come Find Me” The one who I’ve searched forFor so long has comeWith open armsToday is the day of gloryToday is the day I’m home Oh day, what a dayOh day, I’m yoursOh day of resurrection You come… Continue Reading “Today’s Theme Song: Come Find me”

Today’s Theme Song: Dive

Artist: Steven Curtis Chapman album: “Speechless” (1999) “Dive” The long awaited rainsHave fallen hard upon the thirsty groundAnd carved their way to whereThe wild and rushing river can be foundAnd like the rainI have been carried here to where the river flows, yeahMy heart is racing… Continue Reading “Today’s Theme Song: Dive”

Today’s Theme song: Dead Serious

Artist: Zoe Girl album: “Room To Breathe” (2005) “Dead Serious” Who’s that girl with the Bible in her handsThe smile on her face, she doesn’t get it, I don’t understandThe way she walks with her head in the cloudsShe doesn’t care who laughs, walks right through… Continue Reading “Today’s Theme song: Dead Serious”