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Welcome and Good to see you

I’d like to welcome two new followers and assorted drive by viewers.  And while I am greeting and sharing, I want to say something for everybody.  If you find you are having a problem with a post for any reason, leave me a comment,… Continue Reading “Welcome and Good to see you”

Are there #Guam folks here?

Hey I noticed today that so far #Guam has showed up in my statistics 36 times. That means since the Blog has been here, people from #Guam have viewed the blog at least 36 times. I am increasing the #Guam visibility in the hope… Continue Reading “Are there #Guam folks here?”

Welcome to 2019

Welcome one and all and thank you for those who have followed my Blog, liked posts, viewed posts, made comments. I want to know what you think, what else you would like to see here. Please leave me a comment.  Encouragement is also welcomed.… Continue Reading “Welcome to 2019”