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God calls us to _____?

Does God call you to judge the world? Or does God tell you that he loves the whole world the same way He loves you?  What is is your job as a Christian in a lost fallen world? I’m not saying that we don’t… Continue Reading “God calls us to _____?”

God Loves YOU!

From Daily Service Volume 2 GOD LOVES YOU!  You’ve probably heard this before, maybe even here within the past few weeks, but God laid this burden on my heart tonight as I was driving home with my wife. God Loves you. God laid down… Continue Reading “God Loves YOU!”

Where are you?

I’d like to know if anyone reading this blog lives on Guam? Second, I’d like to see how far this blog is reaching, so please comment with where you are. Please follow my blog  Bruce’s Bible Blog See my Amazon Author Page: Bruce’s Amazon Author… Continue Reading “Where are you?”