Check your backgrounds and vocals

Unintended messages in you Facebook backgrounds? A friend just thanked me for a birthday wish and he used the brown emoji background you would see in a short post. The problem I had was a thank you with a screen full of poop emojis was a mixed message. All that was to say please be careful in selecting backgrounds and images that might be culturally or generationally sensitive.Mixed messages
Lest I belabor a point to the embarrassment of the reader, let me point out that the message in both cases was wonderful, but the background or the filler was counterpoint destructive.
First, I wished a Facebook friend a Happy Birthday with my usual Aaronic blessing and no graphics.  A person who shall remain nameless posted a brief Thank You and God Bless on my page which was nice. The problem occurred when this person selected a brown background (my favorite color point of fact) that had an emoji all over it that was essentially a smile pile of poop. I asked the person to change the background and they deleted the post and did a simple thank you. Now God tells me not to worry about the small stuff but I was concerned that the post might offend others.
The second is a wonderful song from Burlap to Cashmere that was wonderfully produced on numerous video channels and such. Again, wonderful lyrics, beautiful production but the riff sounds something like: Basic Instructions Before Leaving Earth, lie lie lie lie lie lie lie lie.. It isn’t in the lyrics and I don’t think they intended to tell Christians to lie, but there it is.
Basic Instructions Lyrics
Basic instructions before leaving Earth…
For God so much loved the world,
That he gave His one and only son.
That whoever believeth in Him
Shall not die but live on.
Living on…
Through the son
Peace almighty
Living on,
Let your heart go
To the one.
Yes the road narrow.
Yes the road is tough.
But whoever remaineth in Him
Shall not die, but lift up.
Basic instructions before leaving Earth
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