The Clue of the Maze

The Sinless One

A clear proof of the divine origin of Scripture is afforded by its portrait of the perfect Man. Jesus is sinless in thought, and word, and deed; his enemies are unable to find a fault in him either of excess or defect. Nowhere else in the world have we such another portrait of a man; it would be superfluous to say that nowhere have we such another man. Jesus is unique: he is original, with peculiarities all his own, but without any divergence from the straight line of rectitude. He is not a recluse, whose character would have few relationships, and therefore few tests; but one living in the fierce light of a King among men, coming into relation with the world in a thousand ways; a great ethical Teacher, inculcating a system far surpassing any other, and embodying it in his own life; above all, crowning the edifice of a perfect life with the surrender of himself to death for his enemies. Whence came this portrait if the man never existed? No painter goes beyond his own ideal; no imperfect mind could have invented the perfect mind of Christ. The record is divine.
The Clue of the Maze.

#Prayer Focus: Pray for Our Prodigals

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