Book Review: Odds against by Dick Francis

Sid Halley Book 1

Odds Against by Dick Francis
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

Is he just a broken jockey or is there more to Sid Halley? Sid is a former jockey injured badly in a race that ruined his hand. The book picks up 2 years later at a detective agency known in racing circles as an authority, but Sid appears to be just along for the ride. Invited by his father-in-law (broken marriage too) to visit his estate, Sid is cast in the role of a destitute in-law to make him a non-character to the guests so that he can poke around undetected. I won’t give you the whole story, but suffice it to say that there is more to Sid Halley than meets the eye. That serves him well to carry out investigations without appearing to do so. This introduces Sid Halley as the protagonist in future stories.

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Amazon Kindle says:

A hard fall took hotshot jockey Sid Halley out of the horse racing game, leaving him with a crippled hand, a broken heart, and the desperate need for a new job. Now he’s landed a position with a detective agency, only to catch a bullet from some  common thug. And things are about to get even more hectic. The agency is giving him a case to handle on his own.

The case brings him to the door of Zanna Martin, a woman who might be just what Sid needs to get him back up and running. But he’s up against a field of thoroughbred criminals, and the odds against him are making it a long shot that he’ll even survive…

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