Book Review: The greatest Christmas Gift by Sarah Miller

Amish Christmas Offerings #3

The Greatest Christmas Gift by Sarah Miller

My rating: 5 of 5 stars

I am Redeemed!

Such a wonderful story in that continuing little vignette. This could have been one book but each story tells itself. Great healing and redemption themes.

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Christmas time in Faith’s Creek brings together friends and family all celebrating faith, love, and the gift of children but one person’s return has the power to ruin it all.
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Kathryn Smith has ached for her daughter Irene’s return. She’s about to take a huge leap in life and wishes to see her again. Irene ran from Faith’s Creek after giving her illegitimate baby girl to Beth and Isaac Phillips.

Irene has had a rough time the past few years, but things are looking up after she finds a home in an Ohio Amish Community, Hope’s Village. She has a special connection with Widowed father Eli Conrad and his son Jonas. As they grow closer, she can’t help but think of the child she left behind.

A letter arrives in Hope’s Village sharing the details of her past and asks that she return to Faith’s Creek for a special occasion. Irene is ashamed and afraid now that her new community knows what happened, including Eli.

Eli must decide what is best for him and Jonas, must he turn his back on Irene and the life they might’ve had together.
Irene returns to Faith’s Creek for a brief visit with her mother planning to disappear once Christmas is over. She’s humiliated and doesn’t feel she can return to Hope’s Village.

What will happen when she returns to Faith’s Creek?
Will she see her daughter and decide to reclaim her from Beth and Isaac?
Will the letter bringing her home destroy a friendship?
Is it possible for prayers to be answered and for this, to be the best Christmas Faith’s Creek has ever had?

Find out in the beautiful conclusion to Bestselling Amish Romance Author Sarah Miller’s Amish Christmas Baby trilogy.


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