Book Review: Privateers in Exile by Jamie McFarlane

Privateer Tales Volume 16

Privateers in Exile by Jamie McFarlane
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

Shipwrecked, off course, and 20 years older? What else could go wrong when Anino hits a button.
Join Liam and the gang as they rescue themselves and the indigenous population while they are at it.
It was interesting because they couldn’t figure out how they got to where they crashed and how they lost 20 years (well at least 2 of the crewmembers anyway).

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A scouting mission gone bad. A life-changing loss of time. Can a privateer team navigate a bloody revolution to find their way home?

Liam Hoffen is used to straightforward missions going off the rails. But when he emerges from a crash-landing, one look tells him he’ll need more than a simple repair job. Having spent years inadvertently trapped in stasis, life has done more than pass him by… it’s dumped his entire team into an alien revolution.

Stranded on a rugged world hundreds of thousands of light-years from home, Liam and his crew are immediately swept up in incomprehensible planetary politics. Choosing the wrong side to defeat a fresh menace could be the difference between life and death.

Can Liam find a way off the planet before it becomes their final resting place?

Privateers in Exile is the 16th standalone book in the Privateer Tales series of military space operas. If you like alien firefights, galactic power-plays, and gritty heroes, then you’ll love Jamie McFarlane’s rocket-fueled adventure.

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