Book Review: 3 Amish Favorites by Brenda Maxfield

Honor’s Wedding, The Buggy Shop, Annie’s New Beginning

3 Amish Favorites by Brenda Maxfield
My rating: 4 of 5 stars
Kindle Unlimited

3 Amish romances set in Hollybrook. The first involves deceit and a one-sided marriage, the second features deceit by an Amish man who gets a girl pregnant by telling her that they are already married in God’s eyes but won’t be responsible for the baby, and the third one starts with a jilted engagement that actually leads to a better relationship. The third story also handles an accidental death in a family. All good stories on their own but better seen as a group to be truthful.

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Here are the three full-length romances included in this love-filled anthology:
1) Honor’s Wedding
She made a promise, and now she has to keep it. Honor Kennel thought marrying Gabe Chupp would solve everything. It would give her and her parents a roof over their heads. It would allow them to stay put in Hollybrook. But there is one glaring problem. She doesn’t love Gabe. Oh, he’s a nice enough guy, but there are no sparks. No passion.

Gabe Chupp can’t believe his good fortune—God is certainly smiling down on him. He’s secretly loved Honor for years, so when she begins seeking him out, he is over the moon. But after their wedding, something is wrong. What happened to his bright, happy, vivacious bride?

On the heels of a devastating family crisis, Gabe discovers the truth, and his world comes crashing down. Now, what is he supposed to do? Now that he knows…

2) The Buggy Shop
Everyone in Hollybrook agrees Uriah Umble is bad news—except Beulah Yoder. Uriah certainly isn’t bad news for her. She loves him and will do anything for him—including sneak out of the house repeatedly to be with him. After months of this, she finally gets caught and the anvil falls. She is forbidden to ever see Uriah Umble again.

Not one to be dictated to, Beulah hatches a daring plan—if she and Uriah were to get married, then her father can hardly forbid her from seeing him. When Beulah shares her plan with Uriah, he comes up with a plan of his own. Why not marry themselves under the stars with only God as their witness? Against her better judgment, Beulah agrees, and from that moment on, disaster reigns. When Beulah finds herself in the oldest kind of trouble, Uriah wants nothing to do with her. Desperate, she is forced to confront the truth.

Rescue comes from a completely unexpected source. But can Ethan Miller possibly want to involve himself in her mess? And why?

3) Annie’s New Beginning
Annie Hershberger’s engagement doesn’t last twenty-four hours before her fiancé backs out and dumps her. Devastated and humiliated, she flees to Hollybrook to work in her uncle’s toy shop. Maybe this move will give her the new start she desperately needs.

But Annie doesn’t count on an accidental shooting and the painful loss of one of Hollybrook’s youngest. She doesn’t count on meeting the victim’s grieving brother or the compassion for him that stirs in her heart. She doesn’t count on her father insisting she come home to attend her former beau’s wedding to his new fiancée.

In this tender and heartwarming romance, Annie discovers that joy and happiness are possible on the heels of tragedy.

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