Book Review: The Unexpected Amish Partnership by Mary Lantz

The Unexpected Amish Partnership by Mary Lantz

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Helpful neighbor
Why would a widow struggling to survive on a farm with a family reject the help of a neighboring widower with a young family also? Maybe because he made fun of her in school when he should have stood up to his friends to defend her? God intervenes by way of a tornado that pushes them together to help each other. That’s all I’ll say, except that both of them are praying for guidance the entire time so that kind of helped too.

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Rachel Yoder is widowed with a family, trying to keep the family farm afloat. Despite doing everything she can, it is evident that the farm will eventually fail and Rachel and her children may lose their home. When arch enemy Eli Fischer offers to enter into a business partnership with her, to prevent her losing the farm, she is appalled and flatly refuses even though it could save her home.

Widower Eli Fisher has known Rachel since childhood however their relationship has been anything but amicable. For some reason, she has taken a lifelong dislike to him, and even though a part of him has always admired her, she scarcely tolerates his presence. But when Rachel’s home and farm are suddenly brought to ruination, Rachel has no choice but to take up Eli on his offer.

As the families work together on the farm, Rachel is dismayed to find she is more conflicted in her feelings than ever. And despite trying to keep her feelings at bay, when a shocking accident occurs, it is Eli that Rachel must once more rely on.

As Rachel struggles with the demons of her past, she must face a new reality. Is she honest enough and brave enough to look deep inside her soul and do what God requires of her. Find out in this sweet Amish romance from Mary Lantz.

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