Book Review: First-Time Starter by Stan D Jensen

First Time Starter Book 1

First-Time Starter: #1 in the First-Time Starter Trilogy by Stan D. Jensen

My rating: 5 of 5 stars

Back to the paddock.
Reminiscent of Dick Francis but more about the horse than the plot. I really enjoyed looking at life through the eyes of a misunderstood champion. Definitely going back for more.

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“First-Time Starter” was a semi-finalist for the 2020 Dr. Tony Ryan Book Award. This prestigious award honors excellence in thoroughbred racing literature.

#1 in the First-Time Starter Trilogy

A trainer, an old cowboy from Nebraska, who somehow stays one win photo ahead of the feed man. A gallop boy who’s afraid of horses. A groom who believes in a horse everyone else has given up on. A hard-drinking jockey, once a superstar, who still has the hands of a virtuoso. A filly who’s at war with everything that walks on two legs. And this is their story.

“I wrote the “First-Time Starter Trilogy” for the same reason a jockey sits in the hotbox. For the same reason grooms, hot walkers, and gallop boys and girls work seven days a week. For the same reason, a trainer studies a condition book as if it’s holy. For the same reason, an owner keeps paying bills on a horse that can’t find the winner’s circle. I wrote the “First-Time Starter Trilogy” because I love horses and racing. And with this “Trilogy,” I do my humble best to convince the reader they should too.” ~Stan D. Jensen

About the Author
Stan D. Jensen received his bachelor’s degree in history and his master’s degree in education from the University of Northern Iowa. He has owned racehorses and spent the 1980s as a jockey’s agent. His short stories have been published in the magazine “The Backstretch.” Mr. Jensen lives in Clinton, Iowa, and continues to write.

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