Book Review: Stake Horse by Stan D Jensen

First Time Starter Book 2

Stake Horse: #2 in the First-Time Starter Trilogy by Stan D. Jensen

My rating: 5 of 5 stars

Another great short tale about 1 horse and 1 race. But the author captures all the human frailty and highlights a relationship between the filly and the barn cat that kept her safe.

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In “Stake Horse,” the past catches up with trainer Fred Hanson, the old cowboy. The success of Enfer, his talented filly, has prompted the return of the one person he’s defenseless against, and has put him on a direct collision course with ruthless people he’s tried to avoid since making the mistake of claiming one of their horses in New Jersey. Enfer’s success has come with unforeseen consequences, and now Fred, the people and horses under his shedrow, and most of all, the filly herself, are in real danger.

In “Stake Horse,” Lou Allen, Rene Durand, Arnie Bean, and the rest of Fred’s shedrow crew, come together with Bentley Keene of “Black Deuce” fame, and a post-parade of new characters, to tell a tale of suspense and drama. “Stake Horse” reaches its climax with one of the most exciting horse races ever put to words! And, yes, the old orange tomcat returns!

Like the novel “Black Deuce,” the “First-Time Starter Trilogy” is destined to be read by new racing fans and old for as long as thoroughbreds compete.

About the Author
Stan D. Jensen received his bachelor’s degree in history and his master’s degree in education from the University of Northern Iowa. He has owned racehorses and spent the 1980s as a jockey’s agent. His short stories have been published in the magazine “The Backstretch.” Mr. Jensen lives in Clinton, Iowa, and continues to write.

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