Book Review: Champion by Stan D Jensen

First Time Starter Book 3

Champion: #3 in the First-Time Starter Trilogy by Stan D. Jensen

My rating: 5 of 5 stars


Enfer (now known as the Hawk) placed second in a million dollar race after throwing a show and being without her usual jockey and a missing owner (the horse didn’t get that Fred died outside her stall. This one wasn’t without shenanigans again from rival owners either.

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By now readers know her, the filly Enfer, and readers know her people, for that’s how she possessively comes to see Lou, Fred, Jenny, Billy and Rene—she sees them as hers. And in the final pages of “Champion,” what she endures for her people proves her to be a racehorse with a heart as big as the grandstand.

“Champion” takes the reader traveling from racetracks in Chicago to racetracks in California and New York, and a full starting gate of new characters makes life anything but routine under Fred Hanson’s shedrow. But “Champion” is more than just a story of horse barns and winner’s circles. “Champion” is a story about loyal friendships and ruthless enemies. “Champion” is a story about the hazards of growing old, and the risks and joys of love. “Champion” is a story to make the reader laugh, weep and dream!

“It wasn’t until I was through the rough draft of ‘Champion’ that I understood why I’d written the Trilogythat it was a way to relive my past, a way to bring back those long-ago days spent with the people and horses I will forever hold in my heart.”
~Stan D. Jensen

“First-Time Starter, the #1 book in the trilogy, was a semi-finalist for the 2020 Dr. Tony Ryan Book Award. This prestigious award honors excellence in thoroughbred racing literature.

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