Faith’s Checkbook

December 26
God Only, You Can Trust
Peter answered and said unto him, Though all men shall be offended because of thee, yet will I never
be offended. (Matthew 26:33)
“Why,” cries one, “this is no promise of God.” Just so, but it was a promise of man, and therefore it
came to nothing. Peter thought that he was saying what he should assuredly carry out; but a promise
which has no better foundation than a human resolve will fall to the ground. No sooner did
temptations arise than Peter denied his Master and used oaths to confirm his denial.
What is man’s word? An earthen pot broken with a stroke. What is your own resolve? A blossom,
which, with God’s care, may come to fruition, but which, left to itself, will fall to the ground with the first
a wind that moves the bough.
On man’s word hang only what it will bear.
On thine own resolve depend not at all.
On the promise of thy God hang time and eternity, this world and the next, thine all and the all of all
thy beloved ones.
This volume is a checkbook for believers, and this page is meant as a warning as to what bank they
draw upon and whose signature they accept. Rely upon Jesus without limit. Trust not thyself nor any
born of woman, beyond due bounds; but trust thou only and wholly in the Lord.


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