Faith’s Checkbook

March 5
Home Blessings
He blesseth the habitation of the just. (Proverbs 3:33)

He fears the Lord, and therefore he comes under divine protection even as to the roof which
covers himself and his family. His home is an abode of love, a school of holy training, and a place of
heavenly light. In it, there is a family attar where the name of the Lord is daily had in reverence.
Therefore the Lord blesses his habitation. It may be a humble cottage or a lordly mansion; but the
Lord’s blessing comes because of the character of the inhabitant and not because of the size of the
That house is most blest in which the master and mistress are Godfearing people, but a son or
daughter or even a servant may bring a blessing on a whole household. The Lord often preserves,
prospers, and provides for a family for the sake of one or two in it, who are “just” persons in His
esteem, because His grace has made them so. Beloved, let us have Jesus for our constant guest
even as the sisters of Bethany had, and then we shall be blessed indeed.
Let us look to it that in all things we are just—in our trade, in our judgment of others, in our treatment
of neighbors, and in our own personal character. A just God cannot bless unjust transactions.


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