Book Review: Together for Christmas by Sarah Miller/ Irene Glick

Together For Christmas (The Amish Quilting Circle Book 4)


Together For Christmas by Sarah Miller
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Christmas Amish Style Well this is the 4th match for the quilting circle but indications are that it was meant to be before they started meddling, but the Christmas Pageant tipped it, so I guess they did well. I like these novella-sized Amish Romances.
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The Quilting Circle ladies have their hands full this Christmastime. If they’re to overcome misunderstandings and bring their latest couple together they’ll have to get creative.

Amanda Kuhn loves her job at the nursery. Now happily married, her sister Martha is trying to get Amanda to join the quilting circle so they can help her find love. However, Amanda has only just gotten over her foolish crush on Jacob. She’s reluctant to even consider another man at this time.

Dominic Blade has recently returned to Faith’s Creek following his Rumspringa. He’s happy to be home and ready to do his part. His younger brother Jonah is beginning nursery school and begs Dominic to take him on his first day. It doesn’t take long for Dominic to become smitten with one of Jonah’s nursery teachers. He’s devastated when he learns she’s with another man, Jacob Frey.

Amanda is attracted to one of her student’s fathers. Unfortunately, the handsome and kind man is already married. As Christmas approaches it’s time to prepare for the annual pageant. Amanda will finally have to attend the quilting circle when they offer to help with the costumes.

Can the ladies of the quilting circle bring Amanda and Dominic together in time for the holiday or will they continue to let misunderstandings stand in the way of their happiness?


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