Today’s Theme Song: Great God

Artist: Carman album: The Standard


God is a God of righteousness
God sits on the throne
God is strong in battle
God is God alone
God is wise and merciful
God is sovereign Lord
God is pure and holy
God reigns forevermore

He’s a great God, the righteous King
Ruler over everything
He’s a great God, we will proclaim
Honor and glory to His Name
God holds up the universe
God sustains the soul
God exalts and God puts down
God is in control
God’s glory is eternal
God is love and grace
God knows all, sees all, is all
God is to be praised

(repeat chorus)
Blessing and glory and wisdom
Thanksgiving and honor and power and might
Be to our God forever and ever

And all the saints said
Holy… Holy
Holy… Holy
Holy… Holy
Is, His, Name

Great God!
Great God!!

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#Prayer Focus: Pray for Our Prodigals
#Praise the Lord
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